Taken at a family weekend away in Newcastle, Co Down

Welcome to a page to celebrate life, which sucks sometimes. I first started posting when my late wife Jane died in January 2002. It began as simply a photo album with a few jottings for friends and family to enjoy. Since then I have added to it and friends have sent me pieces to include.

Jane’s life could be reduced to the bare statistics of born 30/8/53, married 10/7/76, died 19/1/02. But life is more than statistics, and Jane enjoyed life in abundance. So here are some pages that attempt to squeeze an inadequate summary of her life into the constraints of a digital scrap book.

I begin at the end with Jane’s cancer and work back. I say “at the end”, but that is to look at her life as the world sees it. As Christians, we do not see death as the end, just the end of the beginning, if you follow my drift.

Motorcycling was a shared passion. Jane enjoyed being pillion, but she was a motorcyclist. She used her full license to ride motorbikes, as you will see from the pages.

Music – not an easy one to capture in print. There is some nostalgia from Bexleyheath days on this page.