I’m not sure what to do here. The sad thing is that I don’t have any quality recordings of Jane singing, which is daft when you think just how many people heard her beautiful voice. However, Julian has come to the rescue with some images of “The Hat Band”, surely Bexleyheath’s premier band of the 80’s. So my thanks to him for the pictures that grace this page. He has given me a practice tape from which I may be able to rescue something.

Jane’s gift was enabling others to sing, particularly children. So I may be able to dig out some pictures and stories there. After all, I went to enough junior school concerts, and even played bass at a few for her, such are the joys of being married to a school music teacher!

Jane’s music certainly rubbed off on the children. Both girls sing, though they won’t admit it. Both have lead worship on various occasions and Abigail now plays in a band.

Jane playing the DX11 and Michael on Westone fretless bass

Julien Thornington was already playing guitar with John Stevens, the headmaster of the school Jane joined when she left Bedonwell. John and Claire invited Jane and I to join their group. As they already had two guitarists, I abandoned my guitar in favour of playing bass, which I have continued to do ever since. Jane played our Yamaha synth under duress, but her first love was always singing. We played a motley set of venues and had great fun.

This is “The Hat Band” in action at John’s 40th birthday bash in the palatial surroundings of the Upper Belvedere Scout Hut. Left to right we see John on vocals and guitar, Clare Stevens on vocals and saxaphone, Jane singing, Michael on a borrowed bass (I had just got back from Arizona complete with silly hat and was very jet lagged) and finally Julian Thornington on vocals and serious concentration on guitar.