From Hannah Le Rossignol,
posted 2nd August, 2002

I am Hannah Le Rossignol and Jane was my godmother. One of my first memories of Jane was in Willesborough Baptist church. I was quite young, not sure how old exactly! Mum and Jane had lost touch a bit since Jane left Ashford and I always used to refer to Jane as my long lost godmother!! I walked over to mum and was met by the warmest smile ever as Jane announced “Hello I’m your long lost godmother!”

One thing that I keep close to my heart now is the two weeks I spent with Jane in Northern Ireland when I was about 14. I had the best time of my life thanks to Jane, Michael and the girls. I remember talking to Jane on the phone before I left and realising I had no picture of her and (in her own words) the only picture Jane had of me in her head was of a blonde haired 7 year old in a bridesmaids outfit!! Oh dear bit of a change there. In the two weeks I was there I felt I grew close to Jane as we’d spend our days sight seeing and having fun. That is how I remember Jane, as a lively free spirit who always had a smile for everyone.

When I first found out Jane had developed cancer I was extremely upset as I had always meant to visit again but sadly I never made it back to Ireland. Although she did make it too Ashford and it filled me will such joy to see her again and she was filled with the same love of life as before

My last memory of Jane was her jumper (silly I know) but as I walked in from work and was greeted with a huge hug and kiss she asked me if I liked her jumper to which I said “yes”. Then she said it was her scar as she was fed up of people asking to see it so she had sown the shape onto the jumper – another example of Jane’s’ refusal to give up and her determination to live life to the full.

When I found out Jane was ill again I decided to make her a tape full of music and it even had me singing on it I also wrote her a poem, which I have attached.

When the terrible newsreached us that Jane had passed away I was filled with a sense of great loss and when I found out that my letter and tape was one of the last things Jane had opened personally, it filled me with both joy and sadness. I will never forget Jane and I feel privileged that I was lucky enough to have Jane as my godmother. I will always love her. Xxx

The Gift of Love

When we are born we are naked, scared and alone
Until someone wraps us up, holds us and calls us there own.
It is this love in its purest form,
That causes the birds to sing and the bees to swarm.
For this love was created when god gave Adam life,
And it gives us hope in a world full of strife.

If we close our eyes and open our hearts and minds,
I believe a wonderful world is there where everybody is kind.
It will be like stepping out into the sun,
To breathe the cleanest air since life has begun.
In this world there is no hurt or pain,
Only love, happiness and peace can remain.

This world can be opened by the power of prayer,
By letting god in and keeping him there.
For with god’s love we will never walk alone,
His is with us always; he is in the sunrise and under the smallest stone.
With his love in our hearts we have nothing to fear.
Although it may be tough and we shed the odd tear.

God has a plan that we’re not meant to see,
We are just stitches in his rich tapestry.
So live for the day, make everybody smile,
Because if you do this he’s made it worth while.
Everybody is special we all have our love,
We just need to spread it till we join him above.

I wrote this for you I love you lots. All my thoughts and prayers are with you always

Love Hannah xxxxx