You may wonder why I have placed a page here about healing. Was it not a case of Jane got cancer, Jane died? Well no it was not. It was a case of Jane got cancer, the cancer was healed, Jane enjoyed new life, Jane got cancer again, Jane died.

This may seem like splitting hairs, but Jane’s healing was very real and it was medically attested. It was not a case of remission, where there is still cancer present but it is not developing. The first cancer was totally removed and for that we give God the glory.

On the music page, I bemoan the fact that I don’t have a recording of Jane singing. But there is a recording of her voice. It was in about September 2000 that Jane gave her testimony at a healing service on a Sunday morning at Lisburn Cathedral. It was a remarkable service, with a powerful testimony, powerful preaching and powerful words of prophesy given (though these were not recorded on the original tape). I have put the recordings of Jane’s testimony on this site for two reasons. Firstly, it is a testimony that is not diminished in any way by subsequent events. Secondly it is a challenge to not only Lisburn Cathedral, to whom it was first addressed, but also to us all. It is a challenge that I think still stands a year after her death, as I write this.